Knitted rainbow socks 38-39,5 size (24,5-25,5 sm)

These knitted socks from Laines du Nord blend premium Italian wool with 25% nylon for added durability. Featuring 75% mulesing-free wool with chlorofree treatment, they prioritize animal welfare and eco-conscious production. Their vibrant, rainbow-like colors add a playful touch, ensuring every wear is a joyous experience. Sized for 38-39, they offer a snug fit and long-lasting comfort. Don’t miss out on these stylish, quality socks for your wardrobe.


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These knitted socks made of Laines du Nord yarn are a true embodiment of comfort and style. Crafted from premium wool produced in Italy, this knitted socks offer unparalleled warmth and comfort. The yarn composition includes 75% mulesing-free wool with chlorofree treatment, underscoring our commitment to animal welfare and the environment. Additionally, they feature 25% nylon for enhanced durability, ensuring they withstand wear and tear for long-lasting use.

Not only are these socks functional, but they are also attractive. Their cheerful and rainbow-like coloration gives them a unique appearance, making every stroll or cozy evening at home particularly enjoyable. Sized for 38-39, they provide a perfect fit for most feet, and the quality of the material ensures durability and long-term enjoyment.

Don’t miss the opportunity to add this lovely accessory to your wardrobe, which combines comfort, quality, and style.


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