Cute crochet broccoli keychain

Introducing our 9.5cm handmade amigurumi broccoli keychain – a unique, whimsical accessory for keys or bags. Crafted with love, it adds a healthy twist to your style. Easy care: handwash with mild detergent, dry flat. Ideal for gifting; consider whole sets to share joy! Each keychain is a meaningful piece of art, reminding you to stay green and positive wherever you go.


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Introducing our adorable crocheted amigurumi broccoli keychain, standing tall at 9.5 centimeters! This handmade gift is the perfect accessory for your keys or bags, adding a unique and healthy twist to your style. Crafted with attention to detail, it’s a fun and whimsical way to personalize your belongings. Let this cute amigurumi broccoli keychain accompany you wherever you go, reminding you to stay green and positive!

Taking care of this crocheted keychain is simple; wash it by hand with your preferred mild detergent in cool water and let it dry on a horizontal surface. Your amigurumi keychain will be ready for use again.

This delightful crocheted broccoli keychain also makes a great gift for friends and family on any occasion or just to spread some joy. Consider purchasing keychains in whole sets to share the whimsy and positivity with your loved ones. Each crochet keychain is a unique piece of artistry, crafted with love and care, making it a meaningful and charming gift for anyone in your life

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