Crochet mini bear in pants

Bring home the charm and whimsy of our crochet amigurumi miniature bear, and let this delightful crochet toy become a cherished part of your collection. Whether used as a keychain or a playful toy, the versatility and cuteness of our miniature bear are bound to bring joy to both children and adults alike.


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Introducing our adorable amigurumi miniature bear, a charming crochet bear standing at about 20 centimeters. This delightful companion comes complete with customizable pants, allowing you to choose the perfect color to suit your taste. The versatility of these miniature bears makes them ideal as both keychains and delightful toys, perfect for playtime or as comforting companions for little ones.

Crafted with care and attention to detail, our amigurumi bear is designed with removable pants, adding a touch of customization and playfulness. The miniature size and thoughtfully crafted design make this crochet bear a perfect fit for tiny hands, offering a whimsical and charming addition to your collection of handmade treasures.

Whether you’re a fan of crochet, amigurumi, or simply adore miniature animals, our crochet bear is sure to capture your heart. The flexibility to choose the pants’ color adds a personal touch, making each little bear a unique and lovable character.

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